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How to Order

To order a product you must locate a "Buy It Now" or "Add To Cart" button on the page. Usually the button can be located in a blue or red box/button towards the end of the advertisement.

After you click on that button you will be taken to a summary page stating the contents of your order. If you would like to add more items to your basket you can click on the "continue shopping" button located near the top and it will take you back to the index page of the website.

If you are done and ready to checkout then click on the "checkout" button. Simply follow the instruction and enter in the correct information. You will receive an email shortly after placing the order. This should arrive within 1 hour of placing the order. If it has not arrived there may have been an error in processing. If you did not enter your email address correctly then it could cause a problem when trying to send out a confirmation email. Our customer support team can confirm whether or not an order was placed. Please contact them at support@closecombatsecrets.com with any order related questions.

International Orders

We do accept international orders from most foreign countries, although there are exceptions. Customers requesting an order be shipped out of the U.S. should expect longer wait times.

CloseCombatSecrets.com and its affiliates considers it the responsibility of all international buyers to understand the rules, regulations and laws of the country to which they are requesting the product to be shipped, and therefor the buyer accepts the legal and financial risks associated with purchasing and shipping CloseCombatSecrets.com and affiliated products outside the U.S.

For questions regarding international orders the fastest and easiest way to contact support is through email. Please email us at: support@closecombatsecrets.com.

Problems Ordering?

If you are experiencing problems adding items to your cart or having the pages load, it could be due to a temporary server problem. Please try again a few minutes later.

If you cannot place an order due to technical problems please contact our support team at: support@closecombatsecrets.com. You can also contact support via telephone, however, we do not have operators during all hours. Email is the fastest way to resolve a problem. If you must call please dial toll-free 1-(800) 899-8153.

You can also reach us by mail at the following address:

Close Combat Secrets
606 E. Acequia Ave.
Visalia, CA 93292

To inquire about payments received or shipment tracking, email support@closecombatsecrets.com or call 800-899-8153. Please include your full name, email address, and order number with any inquiries.

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Shipping Information

CloseCombatSecrets.com takes pride in providing the best shipping service possible at the most reasonable price. For that reason, we use the most reliable and economical shipping carriers possible. The carrier selected varies depending on your location and shipping speed selected.

In general, we have four different shipping methods available to our customers:

Shipping Method Cost

Standard Shipping

Shipping and Handling Only Offers:

2 Day Air:


International Shipping:
Varies by location.

The above rates are listed to provide an estimate of typical shipping charges. Orders containing multiple, or heavy items may incur additional shipping and handling charges.

Your actual shipping cost will be determined at the time of order, you will have a chance to review any shipping costs before placing an order.

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Return/Refund Policy

The goal of our return policy is to maintain happy long-term customers -- if you are unsatisfied with the product you've purchased, and you are within 1 year (365 days) of your date of purchase to return the product for a refund, simply send it to:

Attn: Returns
606 East Acequia Ave
Visalia, CA 93292

Please include the following with your returned item:

A copy of your receipt, your full name, address, and email address used at time of purchase.

Please obtain a tracking number for your return package. After we receive your package we will then credit your account back with the purchase price that you paid. If you paid by credit card then the balance will be placed back on your card or if you paid by check then we will send you a check back in the mail.

Is My Product Eligible for a Refund?

Return/ Refund policies vary by product. If you are unsure, contact support (support@closecombatsecrets.com) to determine if you are within the return window BEFORE returning any product for a refund.

We are not responsible for returning any items that are received in our warehouse but are not eligible for a refund. If you send a product that is outside of its return window you will be responsible for the shipping charge to send the product back to your address.

How Soon Will I Be Refunded, if Eligible?

We often refund your purchase price within ONE business day of receiving your package in our returns department. Please understand that, depending on incoming mail volume, there may be a delay between the delivery date shown by the return carrier, and our returns departments received date.

You are responsible for the return postage. To help us issue your refund we ask that you include a copy of the packing slip or a paper with your full name, address, and e-mail.

How Soon Will I Get My Money Back?

If you paid with a credit card there is sometimes a delay from the time we initiate a refund and your financial institution crediting your account. Please allow 5-7 business days for the credit to appear (usually it's faster). We have no control over this delay, and it varies by financial institution. If we issue a refund and you have not received the funds within 7 business days contact your financial institution.

Can I Refuse A Shipment In Lieu Of Returning It? - NO

IMPORTANT: CloseCombatSecrets.com strongly advises that you do NOT refuse delivery of any package as we must receive the product at our warehouse in order to issue any refund. Parcel carriers do not guarantee the return of "refused" packages. CloseCombatSecrets.com cannot issue a refund for any product that has not been returned.

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Accessing Digital Products:

CloseCombatSecrets.com offers some products in digital form. The successful delivery or use of these digital goods may depend your access to the internet and your device having the necessary settings and software. We are not responsible for ensuring the product you purchased will function on your device, we do however offer support in the event that you encounter technical issues. In general we recommend installing or enabling the following:

  • JavaScript Support

    Our digital product platform utilizes JavaScript to optimize product delivery. It is strongly recommended to use the most up-to-date version of your preferred browser with JavaScript enabled. The following browsers do not support JavaScript:

    • Internet Explorer Version 3.0 and below
    • Mosaic Version 3.0 and below
    • NetScape Version 2.0 and below
    • Opera Version 2.1 and below

    To check if you have JavaScript enabled click here

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Intellectual Property:

Our Site contains copyrighted and trademarked information in the form of video, audio, written information, graphics, and logos. Your use of our Site does not constitute any right or license for you to use such protected material, without the prior written permission of the copyright/trademark owner. Our Site is protected under international copyright laws. The copying, redistribution, use or publication by you of any portion of our Site is strictly prohibited.

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Limited License:

CloseCombatSecrets.com may grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to access and use password protected “members only” informational content on our Site strictly in accordance with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Any unauthorized use is a violation of this license and will result in the revocation of your access, without refund or compensation.

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